Friday, October 11th, 2013
So, here we are. The eve of the Pokemon XY release. Trainers, get ready, because a new 3D generation of Pokemon awaits! Man, I've been waiting so long for a main series Pokemon game that is 100% completely 3D graphics, (the Orre series doesn't count and the tiny bit of 3D generations 4 & 5 had isn't, well, 100% completely,) but I would've never expected it to ever have 3D imaging as well - without glasses, no less! I guess that's just the part of the magic of autostereoscopy the 3DS employs - although I think that the 2DS might make developers consider it even less of a priority in their games, which is sad. I am, in fact, a big fan of 3D imaging, and have been ever since I saw Spy Kids 3D as a kid.

Anyways, that's my blog post for the day.